Yamandu Costa & Renato Borghetti Presented by AD Cordis Project - 92Y, New York

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Yamandu Costa and Renato Borghetti

Presented by AD Cordis Project
Yamandu Costa and Renato Borghetti

Renowned Brazilian musicians Yamandu Costa and Renato Borghetti will meet in New York.

The performance is born from the encounter between two instruments that rarely meet: the seven-string guitar and the diatonic button accordion. The musicians’ roots from Rio Grande do Sul, a state in Brazil, are evident in their repertoire, as well as erudite themes. Their music is formed from a reinterpretation of Brazilian classical and yet their work is referenced in Brazilian and worldwide instrumental music.

The concert is part of the Ad Cordis Project’s program, which promotes instrumental music events while its proceeds support Pequeno Príncipe Hospital – Brazil’s largest exclusively pediatric facility.

Yamandu Costa

One of the greatest geniuses of Brazilian music of all times, Yamandu Costa is a guitar player, composer and arranger that does not fit into a single music style, …

Renato Borghetti

A Brazilian Folk Classical musician and composer, Renato Borghetti’s main instrument is the diatonic button accordion …

Please note that all 92Y regularly scheduled in-person programs are suspended.