Valeria Luiselli with Maria Hinojosa - 92Y, New York

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Valeria Luiselli with Maria Hinojosa

The Poetry Center teams with Latino USA, the Peabody Award-winning public radio program and podcast, to present a timely conversation on immigration. In Tell Me How It Ends, Valeria Luiselli reports on what she witnessed as a volunteer court translator for undocumented Latin American children facing deportation. "This is a most necessary book, and a unique one, from a writer whose clear-eyed intelligence and marvelous literary imagination make every one of her narratives a compelling read,” wrote Alma Guillermoprieto. Maria Hinojosa is the executive producer and founding anchor of Latino USA, whose mission is to offer insight into the lived experiences of Latino communities and be a window on the current and emerging cultural, political and social ideas impacting Latinos and the nation.

Co-presented by Latino USA

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