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The Secret Life of Spices


Join Ethan Frisch, chef and cofounder of Burlap & Barrel, the first comprehensive single origin spice company in the US, for a deep dive into the politics, economics, and most importantly, the flavors of sourcing beautiful, equitable spices with the 92Y’s resident Food Historian, Francine Segan.

Discover how spices are grown and the many ways to use them. We’ll explore their incredible stories of history, culture, travel, and trade and hear fascinating stories about farmers around the world who grow them.

Ethan Frisch

A former line cook and pastry chef in New York and London, he was also the co-founder and Executive Chef of Guerrilla Ice Cream …

Francine Segan

Francine Segan is the author of six books including Shakespeare’s Kitchen and Dolci: Italy’s Sweets

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