The Dairy Restaurant, a New York Institution - 92Y, New York

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The Dairy Restaurant, a New York Institution

Ben Katchor
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The Dairy Restaurant

Join the award-winning author of Julius Knipl and The Jew of New York, Ben Katchor, for a fascinating history of a beloved New York culinary institution that emerged in the late 19th century and had disappeared by the end of the 20th, the dairy restaurant.

Through his words and dynamic illustrations, Katchor illuminates the history of where people choose to eat—a history that starts with the first man allowed to enter a walled garden and encouraged by the garden's owner to enjoy its fruits. He begins with Adam, entering Eden and eating the fruits therein; examines ancient protocols for offerings to the gods and the kosher milk-meat taboo; the development of inns offering food to travelers; the invention of the restaurant; and the intersection between culinary practice and radical politics. In particular, with this talk, Katchor explores the unique confluence of events and ideas that led to the proliferation of the dairy restaurant in New York City. Once a thriving and vital part of the New York City landscape, eateries such as Ratner’s Kosher Restaurant and The Famous Dairy Restaurant, were known for hosting business meetings, date nights, and family outings for generations of Jewish families. Revisit these institutions and get to know them in a brand new way.

A book signing follows the event.

Ben Katchor

Ben Katchor is the author of Julius Knipl, The Cardboard Valise, Real Estate Photographer, and The Jew of New York

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