T.C. Boyle & Audrey Schulman - 92Y, New York

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T.C. Boyle & Audrey Schulman

Introductions by Daniel Halpern and Kent Carroll
T. C. Boyle and Audrey Schulman

T.C. Boyle’s new novel, Outside Looking In, explores the first scientific and recreational forays into LSD and its mind-altering possibilities. “Among Boyle’s gifts are his roaring intelligence and a curiosity that has led him over the years to develop a masterly range of subjects and locales,” wrote Annie Proulx. “Cherish the writer who stretches your mind a little.” Audrey Schulman’s new novel, about what happens when the line between primate scientist and primate subject blurs, is Theory of Bastards. “Edifying and exhilarating, her finest novel yet is an examination of sexual relations, the ‘careful theatre’ of civilization, and humanity’s responsibilities in a rapidly changing world,” wrote The Economist.