Rocker and E Street Band Member Stevie Van Zandt in Conversation with Jay Cocks: Unrequited Infatuations - 92Y, New York

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Rocker and E Street Band Member Stevie Van Zandt in Conversation with Jay Cocks: Unrequited Infatuations

Stevie Van Zandt and Jay Cocks

The Rock ‘n’ Roll disciple, E Street Band member, Soprano cast member and author of Unrequited Infatuations will tell never-before-told stories about his colorful life.

From the beginning in a bedroom in suburban New Jersey when he trades in his devotion to the Baptist religion for an obsession with Rock and Roll and a love of groups like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones who created new ideas of community, creative risk, and principled rebellion. He was changed forever. While still a teenager, he met Bruce Springsteen, a like-minded outcast/true believer who became one of his most important friends and bandmates. As Miami Steve, Van Zandt anchored the E Street Band as they conquered the Rock ‘n’ Roll world.

When he finally stepped away from E Street (rejoining years later) he refashioned himself as Little Steven, a political songwriter/performer. Most famously, he masterminded the recording of “Sun City,” an anti-apartheid anthem that sped the demise of South Africa’s institutionalized racism and helped get Nelson Mandela out of prison.

In the ’90s, David Chase invited Van Zandt to be a part of his new television show, The Sopranos — where he was the unconditionally loyal consiglieri who sat at the right hand of Tony Soprano (a relationship that oddly mirrored his real-life relationship with Bruce Springsteen).

In the twenty-first century, Van Zandt founded a groundbreaking radio show (Little Steven’s Underground Garage), created the first two 24/7 branded music channels on SiriusXM (Underground Garage and Outlaw Country), started a independent record label (Wicked Cool), and developed a teaching curriculum for students of all ages through the medium of music history. He also rejoined the E Street Band for what has now been a twenty-year victory lap.

Join us as he discusses his new and much anticipated book Unrequited Infatuations for a master class in rock and roll chronicling the twists and turns of his surprising life.

Pre-signed copies of Unrequited Infatuations will be available for purchase after the event (while supply lasts).

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Stevie Van Zandt

Stevie Van Zandt is a beloved musician, songwriter, actor, radio host, and activist …

Jay Cocks

Jay Cocks has written screenplays for and with Kathryn Bigelow (Strange Days), Irwin Winkler (De-Lovely) and Martin Scorsese …

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