HQ Trivia’s Scott Rogowsky in Conversation with Budd Mishkin - 92Y, New York

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HQ Trivia’s Scott Rogowsky in Conversation with Budd Mishkin

Scott Rogowsky and Budd Mishkin

Scott Rogowsky is seemingly popping up everywhere these days.

Whether you know him as the host of the wildly popular live mobile game show HQ Trivia, have streamed one of his two shows that aired on Verizon’s Go90—Start Talkin’ and Weird World of Sports, or caught one of his appearances on the TODAY show, Good Morning America, or the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he’s rapidly making a name for himself across the media landscape. Join him as he sits down with journalist and anchor Budd Mishkin for a wide-ranging conversation about his work as host, celebrity interviewer, comedian, writer, producer; his phenomenal rise to become one of Time magazine’s “25 Most Influential People on the Internet in 2018;” and what’s coming next in 2019.

Scott Rogowsky

Prior to joining HQ Trivia, Scott Rogowsky co-hosted the ABC Primetime series Would You Fall For That?

Budd Mishkin

Budd Mishkin has been a broadcast journalist for almost 40 years. He was one of the original anchor/reporters for NY1, …

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