Salman Rushdie and Isabella Hammad - 92Y, New York

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Salman Rushdie and Isabella Hammad

Introductions by Rick Moody and Alberto Manguel
Salman Rushdie and Isabella Hammad

Isabella Hammad’s new novel is The Parisian—“a sublime reading experience,” wrote Zadie Smith. “That this remarkable historical epic should be the debut of a writer in her mid-twenties seems impossible, yet it is true.” Salman Rushdie’s new novel, Quichotte, is a Don Quixote for the modern age, both an homage to an immortal work of literature and a quest for love and family. “He is our Scheherazade, inexhaustibly enfolding story within story and unfolding tale after tale with irrepressible delight,” wrote Ursula K. Le Guin.

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