RENEW: A Different Kind of High Holidays — Kol Nidre - 92Y, New York

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RENEW: A Different Kind of High Holidays — Kol Nidre

Rabbi Scott Perlo and Elana Brody

High Holidays should be what you need them to be.

A chance to hear thoughtful, compelling perspectives on the most important questions in life; a chance to ask yourself those questions, too; tradition illuminated in a way that is clear, understandable, and invites you in; a place that makes space for your ambivalence about God, but that also fills your deep need to connect to something greater than yourself. Renew is a High Holiday service, but turned inside out: more sharing of ideas than words in a language you might not understand; more chances to ask questions than to turn pages.

Led by Rabbi Scott Perlo and Elana Brody, with guest speaker Amy Larkin, author of Environmental Debt: The Hidden Costs of A Changing Global Economy, Renew brings new voices to your High Holidays: comics, writers, artists, philosophers, and you, sharing answers to questions that every person needs to ask, but rarely has the time for.

Rabbi Scott Perlo

Rabbi Scott Perlo is leader in the field of Jewish open outreach. He's taught Torah to thousands of unaffiliated Jews, their partners, and those interested in Jewish life of any background …

Elana Brody

Elana Brody is a celebrated singer-songwriter and prayer leader in the Jewish Renewal community …

Amy Larkin

Amy Larkin, an award-winning entrepreneur, activist and producer, has been at the forefront of the environmental movement for decades …

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