Psychobiography with Dr. Gail Saltz: Villains of History: On Fidel Castro with Jonathan M. Hansen - 92Y, New York

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Psychobiography with Dr. Gail Saltz

Villains of History: On Fidel Castro with Jonathan M. Hansen

Young Castro: The Making of a Revolutionary

Behind the infamous deeds of history’s most notorious figures lie complex and mysterious human minds. Dr. Gail Saltz, the author, psychoanalyst and television commentator, invites experts and brings her own expertise to bear as she examines the psychology of the villains of history, including Fidel Castro.

Join Dr. Saltz and guest Jonathan Hansen, author of Young Castro: The Making of a Revolutionary, to discuss Fidel Castro, delving beyond the caricature to discover how Castro became the dictator who acted as a thorn in the side of US presidents for nearly half a century. The first American historian in a generation to gain access to the Castro archives in Havana, Hansen was able to secure cooperation from Castro’s family and closest confidants, gaining access to hundreds of never-before-seen letters and to interviews with people he was the first to ask for their impressions of the man. Hansen will share what he learned and the resultant nuanced and penetrating portrait of a figure who was determined to be a leader—a man at once brilliant, arrogant, bold, vulnerable and all too human.

Gail Saltz

Dr. Gail Saltz is Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at The New York Presbyterian Hospital, psychoanalyst with The New York Psychoanalytic Institute, …

Jonathan M. Hansen

Jonathan M. Hansen is a senior lecturer at Harvard University and the author of Guantánamo: An American History

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