Powerful Choices, Powerful Life - 92Y, New York

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Powerful Choices, Powerful Life

Throughout history, philosophers, psychologists and seekers have been searching for the key to a happy life. Could it be that something as simple as your day-to-day choices is that key?

In this interactive class, Sharon Good offers wisdom, tools and tips to help you utilize choice as a pathway to creating the life you want. Learn why choice is so powerful, how to make more powerful choices and how to use those choices to forge a path for living a more empowered life.

Sessions Start: Mon, Oct 28, 2019, 7 pm - 8:30 pm


Sharon Good

Sharon Good, BCC, ACC, CLC, is a certified Life, Career, Retirement and Creativity Coach based in New York City. She is the author of several books, including Creative Marketing Tools for Coaches, The Tortoise Workbook: Strategies for Getting Ahead at Your Own Pace and Powerful Choices, Powrful Life.