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Pizza with Anthony Falco

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Pizza Czar

Global pizza authority Anthony Falco, former Pizza Czar at Brooklyn hotspot Roberta’s and now the world’s go-to pizza consultant, joins us to teach you how to make the homemade pizza of your dreams.

Falco demonstrates the complete process involved in making the Upside-down Sicilian pie featured in his new book Pizza Czar. From the hand-mixed dough that yields a light and airy but substantial crust to the recipe for his favorite homemade sauce to how to choose the best mozzarella to the techniques that make the difference between great pizza and outrageous pizza, Anthony brings passion and experience to this hands-on tutorial, sharing expert secrets so you can achieve pizza nirvana at home.

Purchase Anthony Falco’s Pizza Czar.

This program will take place on Thursday, June 10 from 6:30-8 pm ET. This program will be recorded and available for late viewing by those who register.


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Anthony Falco

Anthony Falco, former pizza czar of Roberta’s in Brooklyn, now works independently as an international pizza consultant …

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