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Pedrito Martinez

Celebrating 20 years in NYC
Debuting the music for his upcoming album
With a five-piece horn section and a segment of Yoruba ritual music
Pedrito Martinez
Photo Credit: Richard Holstein

“… All electricity, charisma, exuberance (and) astonishing skill”

The New York Times

Grammy-nominated and Havana-born music sensation Pedrito Martinez celebrates his 20th anniversary as a New Yorker with a concert that gives the audience a rare opportunity to experience his deep Afro-Cuban musical roots. The November 15 concert features an opening set of Yoruba ceremonial music featuring three batá drummers and three vocalists, followed by an electrifying set of timba music by Pedrito’s own group with special guests on trumpet and trombone.

Pedrito’s earliest musical experiences occurred in Havana at the age of 11 with the dancing, singing and percussion playing associated with Cuban rumba. He eventually learned to play the batá, a ceremonial drum with Yoruba origins that is used in Santería rituals to call down the Orishas. Batás are played by three musicians while call-and-response chants are sung in the Lucumí language.

The Havana-born, NYC-based percussionist, bandleader and vocalist has become the go-to conguero for artists including Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, Wynton Marsalis, and Bruce Springsteen, with a band that’s “writing a new chapter in Cuban music history” (NPR Music).

Pedrito Martinez Group
  • Pedrito Martinez, congas, batá and lead vocals
  • Issac Delgado Jr., piano and vocals
  • Sebastian Natal, bass and vocals
  • Jhair Sala, percussion and vocals
Special Guests
  • Kalí Rodriguez-Peña, trumpet
  • Xito Lovell, trombone
Yoruba Ensemble
  • Pedrito Martinez, batá and vocals
  • Clemente Medina, batá
  • Diosvany Valladares, batá
  • Amma Mcken, vocals
  • Melvis Santa Guzman, vocals
  • Olori Daniels, vocals

Pedrito Martinez

Pedro Pablo “Pedrito” Martinez was born in Havana, Cuba, on September 12, 1973 …

Jhair Sala

Born in Perú and raised in New York, Jhair Sala spent his formative years studying intensively with Pedrito Martinez …

Sebastian Natal

Sebastian Natal Nuñez was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1984. He began piano studies at the age of 4 …

Kali Rodriguez-Peña

Since moving to New York City in 2014, Cuban trumpeter-composer-arranger Kali Rodriguez-Peña has been blending traditional sounds from his native country with the influences of some of his heroes …

Issac Delgado Jr.

Issac Delgado Jr. was born in 1984 in Havana, Cuba to a family of music lovers. His father is world-renowned singer Issac Delgado, …

Xito Lovell

Jose Antonio Lovell Montenegro, better known as Xito Lovell, is a composer, performer, singer, and trombonist …

Amma D. McKen

Amma D. McKen began singing traditional Yoruba music when she was 14 while growing up in her native New York City …

Diosvany Valladares

Diosvany Valladares was born and raised in Havana, Cuba, and by 25 had mastered every Afro-Cuban percussion genre from rumba and batá to Arara drumming …

Melvis Santa

Melvis Santa is a Havana-born singer, composer, pianist, Afro Cuban dancer, actress, and educator …

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