Harvey Granat Presents: Marvin Hamlisch Revisted - 92Y, New York

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Harvey Granat Presents

Marvin Hamlisch Revisited

Harvey Granat with Terre Blair Hamlisch, Rebecca Garfein and David Lahm

Terre Blair Hamlisch, overseer of Marvin Hamlisch’s legacy, joins Granat for a second program on her husband, the beloved composer and winner of every category of award.

Discover new remembrances, personal photos and videos, and additional highlights of the Hamlisch catalog.

Harvey Granat with David Lahm (piano) and Special Guest Terre Blair Hamlisch. Guest performer, Rebecca Garfein, Sr Cantor Congregation Rodeph Shalom and interpreter of the American Songbook.

Harvey Granat

Harvey Granat is a popular cabaret performer, Broadway producer and a historian/educator of the American popular song …

Terre Blair Hamlisch

Terre Blair Hamlisch, the widow of Marvin Hamlisch, is an accomplished award winning communications professional with a 20 year career in broadcast journalism …

Rebecca Garfein

Rebecca Garfein is an acclaimed cantor and interpreter of the American songbook …

David Lahm

David Lahm is a pianist and jazz musician and arranger who is the son of one of our great songwriters, Dorothy Fields …

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