Martin Amis and Will Self - 92Y, New York

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Martin Amis and Will Self

Introductions by Robert Baird and John Freeman

The essays in Martin Amis’s new nonfiction collection, The Rub of Time, range from critical pieces on literary heroes to ruminations on sports, Las Vegas, John Travolta, the porn industry and politics. “These essays all manifest an unusual extra quality, one that is not unlike friendship,” wrote Rachel Cusk. “He makes readers feel that they are the only person there.” In a trilogy of novels — Umbrella, Shark and the newly published Phone — Will Self explores the interplay of minds, madness and technology across the 20th century. “In these culturally straitened times, few writers would have the artistic effrontery to offer us novels as daring, exuberant and richly dense,” wrote John Banville.

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Thu, Mar 8, 2018