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Mapping Hiding Places Project

Dr. Dienke Hondius

Join us as Dr. Dienke Hondius, assistant professor of contemporary history at VU University Amsterdam and advisor and staff member at the Anne Frank House presents her research in mapping the places in Europe where Jews hid during the Holocaust while also documenting their testimonies and narratives during this time.

Members of the New York Jewish community who were survivors in hiding and/or family members of those who hid during the Holocaust are encouraged to attend and share their stories.

For those that want to commemorate Yom HaShoah, please join us for our Yom HaShoah Community Observance featuring Etty: A One-Woman Play on May 2 at 92Y. Visit here to learn more.

Dr. Dienke Hondius

Dr. Dienke Hondius is assistant professor of history at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and staff member of the Anne Frank House …

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