Great Trials That Changed the Course of History - Socrates & Galileo - 92Y, New York

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Lunch & Learn: Great Trials That Changed the Course of History

Socrates & Galileo

Dr. Sylvia Solomon and David Wintre

Join educators Dr. Sylvia Solomon and David Wintre as they engage students in an interactive course that delve into the great trials that changed the course of history—looking at the major players, the historical context and the legacy of each case in an informative, compelling and fun class.

Everything begins in ancient Greece with Socrates (470–399 BCE) who defined a way of thinking that laid the groundwork for Western systems of logic and philosophy. Socratic thinking spread throughout the known world during the time of Alexander the Great. Indeed, every major philosophical school mentioned by ancient writers following Socrates’ death was founded by one of his followers. Socrates moved intellectual pursuits into the abstract realm of ethics and morality.

And then, nearly 2000 years later in Rome, Galileo (1565-1642 CE) created a binary between looking inward toward metaphysical truth (a metaphorical sun) and adding the notion of looking outward toward the sun itself, moving us from the ancient world—where the earth was the centre of the universe—to the modern world—where the earth became merely a rather small planet revolving around the sun. The ability to distinguish truth from belief is no less important today than it was 2400 years ago, with science vs. religion still locking philosophical horns.

Class meets from 12-2 pm. Lunch is included.

Dr. Sylvia Solomon

Dr. Sylvia Solomon is a retired educator with over thirty years in elementary schools, secondary schools and several universities …

David Wintre

David Wintre is a retired businessman who has had a lifelong interest in history, philosophy, politics and law …