Great Trials That Changed the Course of History - Eichmann - 92Y, New York

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Lunch & Learn: Great Trials That Changed the Course of History


Dr. Sylvia Solomon and David Wintre

Join educators Dr. Sylvia Solomon and David Wintre as they engage students in an interactive course that delve into the great trials that changed the course of history—looking at the major players, the historical context and the legacy of each case in an informative, compelling and fun class.

According to Yad Vashem—the Israel Holocaust Museum—nothing rivals the Eichmann trial as a milestone and turning point, whose impact is evident to this day.

In 1961, one of the world’s most notorious war criminals sat in a courtroom for a trial that would be among the first in history to be completely televised. The trial brought the Holocaust into the historical, educational, legal and cultural discourse, not only in Israel and the Jewish world, but in the consciousness of all peoples of the world. It extended the legal precedent set by the Nuremberg trials which placed personal responsibility on the perpetrators of genocide and crimes against humanity. This is the story of the hunt for, capture, kidnapping and trial of the man who had been in charge of transporting millions of European Jews to death camps.

Class meets from 12-2 pm. Lunch is included.

Dr. Sylvia Solomon

Dr. Sylvia Solomon is a retired educator with over thirty years in elementary schools, secondary schools and several universities …

David Wintre

David Wintre is a retired businessman who has had a lifelong interest in history, philosophy, politics and law …

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