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Lost Civilizations: The Indus with Andrew Robinson

Lost Civilizations: Andrew Robinson

Lost civilizations, discovered worlds. Among our great fascinations have long been the stories of the people, cultures and artifacts lying buried and unknown until unearthed by archaeologists.

Join us as we begin an exciting new 92U class in collaboration with Reaktion Books, distinguished UK publisher of the acclaimed series Lost Civilizations. We’ll explore some of the great civilizations of the ancient world, looking at how their vanished cultures, art and history have been rescued from oblivion.

Students will come away with new insights into these lost worlds and their relevance to us today from the renowned scholars and experts who wrote the books dedicated to each topic.

June 1: The Indus, with Andrew Robinson, author of The Indus and more than 25 books on archaeology, science, Indian history and more

The Indus civilization in the area that is now Pakistan and India was the most sophisticated urban culture of its age, flourishing until it vanished around 1900 BCE, and invisible for four millennia. Its ruins, discovered in the 1920s, revealed what is now regarded as the beginning of Indian civilization. Andrew Robinson explores the Indus’ sophisticated ancient settlements— with their highly evolved street planning, the world’s first toilets, an exquisite undeciphered writing system and more—examining this lost civilization’s place in the story of modern India.

This class will be recorded for later viewing by patrons.


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Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson is the author of more than 25 books covering Indian culture and history; science and the history of science …

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