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May You Live in Interesting Times: Laraine Newman and Alan Zweibel

May You Live in Interesting Times

An original Saturday Night Live cast member, Laraine Newman grew up in in Los Angeles with movie star neighbors, bearing witness to the 1960’s music scene, seeing the rise of comedy in the early 70s, studying mime in Paris under the tutelage of Marcel Marceau and becoming a founding member of the seminal comedy troupe The Groundlings, it’s no wonder that Lorne Michaels offered her a spot along with John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Jane Curtain, Garret Morris, and Gilda Radner — Bill Murray was passed over at first and joined in a later season — Laraine was part of the show that changed TV — and comedy — forever.

But it wasn’t all yuks and glamour. Laraine also struggled with demons.

Arriving with an attraction to drugs that started as a vice and grew to be an all-consuming addiction even as she sky-rocketed to fame, her new Audible book May You Live in Interesting Times is a snapshot of 1970s New York City and SNL’s unexpected rocket to success,. After 5 seasons, Laraine left SNL, worked in movies and television, while having adventures and relationships in Hollywood that, in her words, “should have gotten me killed.”

Now with long term sobriety, she became a parent and reinvented herself as a voice over actor and has a thriving career working on such animated favorites including Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., Despicable Me, Inside Out, Shrek, and Minions.

If you’re interested in how Saturday Night Live came together way back in the beginning, join us for a real insider’s front row seat as she shares tales that have never been told before with five time Emmy Award winning writer and Thurber Award winning author Alan Zweibel, who was part of the original SNL writing staff.

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Laraine Newman

Laraine Newman is not only an Emmy and Annie nominated actor, comedian and writer — she is actually a native of Los Angeles …

Alan Zweibel

An original Saturday Night Live writer, Alan has won multiple Emmy and Writers Guild for his work in television …

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