Jay Campbell, cello & Conor Hanick, piano - 92Y, New York

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Jay Campbell, cello & Conor Hanick, piano

Jay Campbell and Conor Hanick

“Once Jay Campbell wraps himself around the cello, you’re willing to follow him anywhere,” said the Washington Post, and this is sure to be a very interesting journey!

Undertaken with his frequent collaborator, the “brilliant” and “effortlessly elegant” (New York Times) pianist Conor Hanick, this program involves the premieres of three new works: one by the iconoclastic John Zorn for quartet, and another for duo by Marcos Balter, a composer who has “wickedly original sense of humor and a fiercely imaginative palette” (The Chicago Tribune). A third premiere for electronics, cello, text, and video by Natacha Diels “is loosely about the accidental outcomes of pushing too far [and] how that manifests in our relationship with media and communication.”

  • Natacha Diels, Flight Patterns (world premiere)
  • Catherine Lamb, cross/collapse
  • Marcos Balter, Kerning (world premiere)
  • John Zorn, “The Rule of Three” from A Brief History of Witchcraft (world premiere)

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Please note that all 92Y regularly scheduled in-person programs are suspended.