A Conversation on American Ballet Theatre’s Premiere of Jane Eyre - 92Y, New York

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A Conversation on American Ballet Theatre’s Premiere of Jane Eyre

Choreographer Cathy Marston, ABT Principal Dancers Isabella Boylston, Misty Copeland and Devon Teuscher with Elda Rotor
Devon Teuscher and James Whiteside by Patrick Fraser

Jane Eyre, a textbook example of dance storytelling…Cathy Marston’s streamlined narrative…places the emphasis squarely on Jane’s transformation from downtrodden orphan to independent woman.”

Louise Levene, Financial Times

Join choreographer Cathy Marston and the three American Ballet Theatre Principal Dancers who will inhabit the iconic title role, Isabella Boylston, Misty Copeland and Devon Teuscher, for a discussion about Jane Eyre the ballet, in advance of its American premiere on June 4 at the Metropolitan Opera House. The conversation is moderated by Elda Roto, Vice President and Publisher for Penguin Classics.

Cathy Marston’s Jane Eyre challenges the idea of a classic ballet heroine. After a difficult upbringing, Jane becomes the Governess for the mysterious Mr. Rochester, discovering the struggles of society’s expectations. A literary classic brought to life by Cathy Marston’s stirring choreography and an enthralling Victorian design, Jane Eyre shows that love can conquer any obstacle.

Jane Eyre is part of the ABT Women’s Movement, a multi-year initiative to support the creation, exploration and staging of new works by female choreographers. It is the first full-length ballet brought to the Metropolitan Opera House stage by a female since 1980.

Isabella Boylston

Isabella Boylston, ABT Principal Dancer, was born in Sun Valley, Idaho, where she began dancing at the age of three …

Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland, ABT Principal Dancer, born in Kansas City, Missouri and raised in San Pedro, California, began her ballet studies at the late age of thirteen …

Devon Teuscher

Devon Teuscher, ABT Principal Dancer, began her dance training at the age of nine under Deanna Doty of the Champaign Urbana Ballet Academy …

Cathy Marston

Cathy Marston is a choreographer, artistic director, Clore Cultural Leadership Fellow and board member of the Damzentrale Bern …

Elda Rotor

Elda Rotor is Vice President and Publisher for Penguin Classics. She oversees the U.S. editorial program including the works of John Steinbeck, Arthur Miller, …

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