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Interview Preparation

Performing well during an interview can make all the difference in receiving a job offer.

In this highly informative class, you'll learn strategies and tips on the most effective ways to prepare and present yourself to potential employers. Receive guidance on what to research in advance, the types of questions to ask, what to wear … and much more! Interviews of all types will be covered, so you'll walk away with vital information to help ensure you make great impressions on in-person, phone, and video interviews! Whether it’s been 10 years, 10 months, or 10 days since your last interview, this session will sharpen and improve your interviewing skills.


Alyssa Gelbard

Alyssa Gelbard is the Founder and President of Point Road Group, a global career consulting and personal branding firm that helps executives and experienced professionals market themselves to achieve their career goals. Point Road Group also partners with organizations for customized corporate programs and presentations.

In addition to overseeing Point Road Group’s business operations, Alyssa works with a portfolio of globally located senior level clients and is known for her highly personalized and strategic approach. As a sought-after expert and speaker on personal brandin ...