Inside the Mind of a Jewelry Collector with Stellene Volandes and Special Guests - 92Y, New York

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Inside the Mind of a Jewelry Collector

Collector Dede Wilsey and Christie’s Lisa Hubbard and Angelina Chen with Town & Country’s Stellene Volandes

As Christie’s sale of the vast Rockefeller estate surpasses $800 million, join American philanthropist and collector Dede Wilsey and two of the famed auction house’s jewelry experts, senior advisor Lisa Hubbard and senior vice president Angelina Chen, for a fascinating look at the world of collecting.

This June, 19 pieces of Rockefeller jewelry go on sale, including a Raymond Yard 5.63-carat diamond engagement ring that David gave to Peggy in 1940. What will it go for, and who will walk away with it? And what does it take to have an eye for the truly priceless finds? Get a glimpse inside the glamorous game of fine jewelry collection, led by Town & Country editor in chief Stellene Volandes.

Stellene Volandes

Stellene Volandes was named editor-in-chief of Town & Country magazine on March 8, 2016 …

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