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Hype: A Doctor's Guide to Medical Myths, Exaggerated Claims and Bad Advice

Dr. Nina Shapiro and Dave Price

Nina Shapiro, MD, cuts through the confusing clutter of medical advice offered by the media, celebrities, activists and the internet to reveal what's real and what's not when it comes to caring for your health.

What conditions can you diagnose online? What's the link between snoring and ADHD? Do superfoods exist? Which vitamins can increase your risk of cancer? Do vaccines introduce toxins into the body? Can logging "10,000 steps a day" really have any impact on your health?

From advice on the best diets to news of the latest illness outbreak, a considerable amount of hype swirls around matters of health. How should you, as someone who wants to live long and well, digest all the competing, confusing information in the media? When should you take heed with seriousness or, conversely, have legitimate skepticism? Dr. Nina Shapiro, in conversation with long-time friend and television anchor Dave Price, answers these and other questions, and puts the health issues of the moment into perspective. Learn tools to identify and integrate useful, practical recommendations and to understand the real concerns beneath the sensationalism.

Dr. Nina Shapiro

Dr. Nina Shapiro is one of America's leading physicians. With more than two decades of experience in clinical and academic medicine, …

Dave Price

Dave Price serves as weather anchor for NBC 4 New York's 11 am and 4 pm newscasts and regularly appears on NBC's Today

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