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The Atlantic Presents: How to Stop a Civil War—Impeachment at a Time of National Fracturing

Caitlin Flanagan, Adam Serwer, Tom Junod and Jeffrey Goldberg

We are living in a dangerous moment in America. Unprecedented partisanship, inequality, social upheaval, and structural failures in our democracy have divided the nation and threaten the American experiment.

This urgent issue is addressed by The Atlantic’s December special edition, "How to Stop a Civil War.” Hear a conversation with three of that issue’s leading writers about how to bring back compromise and civility, and whether we even should. Editor in chief Jeffrey Goldberg will moderate with Tom Junod, whose longtime friendship with Mr. Rogers inspired the film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood and for Junod to consider what the television legend would make of this moment; Caitlin Flanagan, who in her essay urges people to listen to one another on even the most fraught of issues; and Adam Serwer, who argues that compromise as a goal in and of itself has led to the country abandoning its promises of freedom and equality for all its citizens—that we've sacrificed civil rights for civil discourse.

Caitlin Flanagan

Caitlin Flanagan is a contributing writer for The Atlantic and a former staff writer for The New Yorker

Adam Serwer

Adam Serwer is a staff writer for The Atlantic’s Ideas section. Serwer has emerged as a defining voice of the Trump era …

Tom Junod

Tom Junod is a senior writer at ESPN. He worked for 19 years as a senior writer for Esquire, where he wrote the profile of Fred Rogers that became the inspiration for the movie A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Jeffrey Goldberg

Jeffrey Goldberg became editor in chief of The Atlantic in October 2016, after nearly a decade covering politics and foreign policy as a national correspondent …

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