Getting Press Coverage: Everything You Need to Know - 92Y, New York

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Getting Press Coverage: Everything You Need to Know

Jennefer Witter

Leaders of companies, owners of businesses of all sizes and anyone looking to raise their public profile knows that media interviews—whether on television or radio, in a newspaper magazine, on a podcast or social media feed or other mediums—can bring a corporate or personal brand to the next level.

This intensive workshop will cover:

  • The impact of fake news
  • Emerging communication channels: podcasts and TwitterChats
  • Do’s and don’ts when working with the press
  • How to build a relationship with reporters
  • Reporter’s biggest pet peeves
  • How to write a pitch that’s read
  • Best ways to prepare for an interview
  • How to get your point across in a succinct, compelling and memorable way
  • How to deal with unexpected questions
  • After-interview tips that encourage future media coverage

Sessions Start: Thu, Sep 12, 2019, 7 pm - 8:30 pm


Jennefer Witter

Jennefer Witter is the chief executive officer and founder of The Boreland Group Inc., a sixteen year old boutique public relations firm headquartered in New York City. Witter was named one of the nation’s “10 most successful black CEOS and entrepreneurs” by Madame Noire Magazine.

Jennefer is an active public speaker. She has presented at The Pentagon; The Brookings Institution; Pennsylvania Conference for Women; the Virginia Business Conference; The Sea Service Leadership Associatio ...