How Art Can (and Can't) Save a Place - 92Y, New York

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How Art Can (and Can't) Save a Place

Zita Cobb and Eric Fischl with Adam Davidson

Art has played a central role in three wildly different communities: Fogo Island, Newfoundland, a remote fishing community in the North Atlantic; Sag Harbor; and Greenwich Village.

These areas — one profoundly remote, another more suburban and the other fully urban — are so different yet share one thing. Being home to artists and the art they create has defined these communities culturally, economically and in countless other ways. We will hear from Zita Cobb, who has helped usher in an artistic and economic renaissance in Fogo Island; Eric Fischl, the celebrated painter known for capturing his native Long Island; and Adam Davidson, economics writer for The New Yorker who grew up and is on the board of Westbeth, the artist housing that helped transform the Meatpacking district of Greenwich Village. They will discuss how art can best interact with local communities, how it can be abused and what lessons their very different experiences share in common.

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Zita Cobb

Zita Cobb is Founder and CEO of Shorefast and Innkeeper of the Fogo Island Inn.

Adam Davidson

Adam Davidson is currently a staff writer at The New Yorker, where he writes The Financial Page column and contributes larger features and web stories.

Eric Fischl

Eric Fischl is an internationally acclaimed American painter and sculptor.

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