Yeoja: in her self - 92Y, New York

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Harkness Presents

Yeoja: in her self

Sin Ae Park, guest curator
Jin Ju Song

Four outstanding award-winning women choreographers from Korea—Puluem Youn/Youn Puluem Project Group (The Game – invisible form), Jung In Lee/Lee Jung In Creation (Skins), Bo Kyung Lee/BK Dance Project (Human- Pretense) and Jin Ju Song-Begin/Da-On Dance (premiere – As I go)—perform three solos that have traveled the world and one anticipated premiere.

Korea, prodigious in the field of dance, produces exceptional choreographers, dancers of technical brilliance and numerous international dance festivals. The rich history of Korean traditional dance and folk dance form a basis on which dance flourishes. In addition, traditional, folk and contemporary dance are taught in schools throughout South Korea from elementary school through college and both boys and girls dance in equal numbers. This is a culture that embraces and promotes dance. The four women presented on this program are distinctive, exciting, surprising and feral choreographers.

$25 in advance / $35 at the door

Jin Ju Song-Begin

Jin Ju Song-Begin is the founder and Artistic Director of Da-On Dance, a NYC-based modern dance company …

Lee Jung In

As a Korean dance artist based in Austria, choreographer Lee Jung In has collaborated with many choreographers and companies in Korea and across Europe …

Bo Kyung Lee

Bo Kyung Lee, choreographer, dancer and the artistic director of BK Dance Project, received her PhD degree from the Department of Living Dance and Performing Arts …

Puluem Youn

Puluem Youn, the artistic director and choreographer of Youn Puluem Project Group, was born and raised in South Korea …

Sin Ae Park

Sin Ae Park, guest curator, is an international producer and founder of Korea Dance Abroad …

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