FX’s Devs: A Screening with Alex Garland and Nick Offerman in Conversation with Austin Considine - 92Y, New York

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FX’s Devs: A Screening and Conversation

Alex Garland and Nick Offerman in Conversation with Austin Considine
FX’s Devs

Join Academy Award® nominated writer/director Alex Garland, along with star Nick Offerman, for a screening and thought-provoking discussion delving into Devs, their new sci-fi, tech thriller.

The series follows a young software engineer, played by breakout star Sonoya Mizuno, as she digs into the secretive development division of a mysterious Silicon Valley company and its CEO, meticulously portrayed by Offerman in a role unlike anything you’ve ever seen from him. If you’re a fan of Garland’s visionary films Ex Machina and Annihilation, you won’t want to miss Offerman and Garland discussing the first-ever FX on Hulu exclusive series, the eerie secrecy of Silicon Valley, and the limitless power of unchecked tech companies, plus much more.

Alex Garland

Alex Garland began his career as a novelist, writing The Beach and Tesseract. He moved into screenwriting with his debut 28 Days Later

Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman is an actor, writer, and woodworker best known as the character of “Ron Swanson” on NBC’s hit comedy Parks & Recreation

Austin Considine

Austin Considine is the assistant TV editor for The New York Times, where he has been an editor since 2015 …

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