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Fermented Veggies

Cheryl Paswater

Fermentation is one of the oldest food processing methods still used today.

Scientifically known as zymology, it is the conversion of carbohydrates into alcohols, carbon dioxide, yeast, or bacteria. Beer, miso, sourdough, kefir, kimchi, and many other delicious foods we love are the product of fermentation.

In this course we will cover the basic science behind making sauerkraut, why it’s good for you, and we’ll teach you how to make it yourself. If you are interested in Old World food preservation, gut health, or fermentation in general, this is the class for you!

Cheryl Paswater

Cheryl Paswater is an artist, fermentationist, performer, and educator, who after a near-death experience six years ago, turned to holistic medicine for help …

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