Award-winning chef Anissa Helou discusses her new cookbook, Feast - 92Y, New York

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Feast: Food of the Islamic World

Anissa Helou with Julia Moskin
Feast: Food of the Islamic World

Award-winning chef Anissa Helou — an authority on the cooking of North Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East — shares her extraordinary range of beloved, time-tested recipes and stories from cuisines throughout the Muslim world.

Helou has lived and traveled widely through Egypt, Syria, Iran and Indonesia, gathering some of the area's finest and most flavorful recipes for bread, rice, meats, fish, spices and sweets. With sweeping knowledge and vision, Helou delves into the enormous variety of dishes associated with Arab, Persian, Mughal (or South Asian) and North African cooking, collecting favorites like biryani or Turkish kebabs along with lesser known specialties such as Zanzibari grilled fish in coconut sauce or Tunisian chickpea soup.

Anissa Helou

Anissa Helou is a writer, journalist and broadcaster who was born and raised in Beirut …

Julia Moskin

Julia Moskin, a native New Yorker, has been a New York Times Food staff reporter since 2004 …