Alastair Macaulay and Patricia Lent on August Pace - 92Y, New York

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Alastair Macaulay and Patricia Lent on August Pace

Merce Cunningham Dance Company, August Pace
Merce Cunningham Dance Company, August Pace. Photo by Lois Greenfield 1989.

Former New York Times head dance critic 2007-2018, lecturer and author Alastair Macaulay and Patricia Lent, Director of Licensing for The Merce Cunningham Trust explore Cunningham’s August Pace (1989), a work for 15 dancers that features seven successive duets and small ensembles based on chance procedures.

Live performance of several duets, demonstration of the construction of the duets using Merce Cunningham’s notes and a panel of former Cunningham dancers who originated the roles comprise this final Harkness event celebrating the choreographer’s centennial.

A panel discussion follows the performance.

“I have the idea that dancing doesn’t need something else to support itself, that it is what it is by itself. It doesn’t have to have a description to inform you ahead of time what it is, but rather that you can come to this experience for what it is as you might come to something that you have never seen before in the street.”

Merce Cunningham

$15 in advance / $25 at the door

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