Fridays at Noon: Morphogenetic Research - 92Y, New York

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Fridays at Noon

Morphogenetic Research

LayeRhythm Experiment (Mai Lê Hô); It's Showtime NYC! (Artistic Director Adesola Osakalumi in collaboration with Anthony "Laiden" John); Malcolm Fraser aka Richie Rich
Morphogenetic Research

LayeRhythm—a jam session of music & dance, created in 2015 in NYC as a monthly event, takes its club roots to the dance theater stage with the multidisciplinary company The LayeRhythm Experiment.

Comprised of street dancers (popping, house, hip-hop...), musicians and an emcee, The LayeRhythm Experiment will present an excerpt of It Takes Two, a new interactive production where audience ideas are transformed into the performers’ movements, sounds, and lyrics.

Guest curated by French-Vietnamese dancer and choreographer Mai Lê Hô, the event also features two solo performances, by It's Showtime NYC!, and by Richie Rich, showcasing NY-based street dance forms such as flexN and litefeet.

A panel discussion digging into the creative process of freestyle-based street & club dances follows the performance.

“Imagine an improv comedy show where dancing, not laughs, is the currency. Then imagine a musicians’ jam session where the band is compelled to keep the dancers’ pace instead of the other way around. [...] what’s distinct about LayeRhythm is the way it bridges the two groups with crowd participation.”

The New York Times

$15 in advance / $25 at the door

Anthony John aka Laiden

Originating from Brooklyn, New York, Anthony John also known as "Laiden" is a multi-styled dancer with training in hip hop, popping and flexN …

Adesola Osakalumi

Adesola Osakalumi is an award-winning actor, choreographer, singer, and dancer whose talents have garnered him success in film, television, and on Broadway …

Malcolm Fraser aka Richie Rich

Richie Rich is a Litefeet dancer from Brooklyn, NY. Richie has been into Litefeet since the adolescent age of 13 years …

Tatiana Desardouin

Of Haitian origin, born and raised in Switzerland, Tatiana Desardouin is a professional dancer, dance instructor, dance consultant, choreographer, and event organizer …

Ivan Cofield aka Heat Rock

Ivan "Heat Rock" Cofield was born and raised in various areas of Georgia. In his early early years, he mimicked various pop stars and back up dancers …

Mai Lê Hô aka Mai Lê Grooves

Mai Lê is a French Vietnamese arts educator, choreographer, DJ, and curator who relocated to Brooklyn in 2009 …