David Parker’s Family Suite: Choreographic Forebears James Waring and Aileen Passloff - 92Y, New York

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Fridays at Noon

David Parker’s Family Suite: Choreographic Forebears James Waring and Aileen Passloff

Image Credit: Ian Douglas

This special program mixes works by David Parker with those of seminal, avant-garde choreographer James Waring and acclaimed choreographer, dancer, director, actor and teacher, Aileen Passloff, revived especially for this event.

Dances include James Waring’s Eccentric Beauty Revisited (1972) “…a brief, charming solo inspired by Nijinsky’s exotic novelty piece Le Dieu Bleu.” Marina Harss, The New Yorker, and 12 Objects from Tender Buttons (1972) staged by Richard Colton, Aileen Passloff’s world premier AT THE WINDOW and David Parker’s three dances - Two Timing (2015), The Velcro Duet from Slap Stuck (2004) "Choreographer David Parker deconstructs the familiar to make sly, affectionate dances that reveal the essence of things. His tools for doing so? A passion for rhythm, a keen kinetic wit, and the ability to detect both irony and joy in everyday circumstances." Thea Singer, The Boston Globe, and We’re Not Married (1990). Featured: a reading by Pepper Fajans from David Vaughan’s soon-to-be-published James Waring biography and a discussion with Parker and Passloff that follows the performances.

$10 in advance / $20 at the door

Program subject to change.

The Bang Group

The Bang Group was founded in 1995 by Jeffrey Kazin and David Parker. It is dedicated to Parker's love of rhythmic form and is known for its commitment to craftsmanship, creative liberty and aesthetic diversity.

David Parker

David Parker has pursued an unusually diverse performance career which includes "downtown" dance, traditional modern, classical character roles, rhythm tap, experimental tap and singing and acting.

Aileen Passloff

Aileen Passloff is an acclaimed choreographer, dancer, director, actor and teacher.

James Waring

James Waring (November 1, 1922 - December 2, 1975) was a dancer, choreographer, costume designer, theatre director, playwright, poet and visual artist, based in New York City from 1949 until his death in 1975.