Fridays at Noon: Goreum, Traditional Korean Dance with Jae Seung Kim and Maholra Dance Company - 92Y, New York

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Fridays at Noon

Goreum, Traditional Korean Dance with Jae Seung Kim and Maholra Dance Company

Sin Ae Park, guest curator
Goreum, Traditional Korean Dance

Goreum, the ribbon emblazoned on the traditional Korean costume that suggests a hint of the erotic, brings to 92Y the NY debut of female/male duets and solos, elegant and refined, performed by traditional master artists Jae Seung Kim & Maholra Dance Company. The dances express the long history of both Ga (music) and Mu (dance) in Korean culture.

Jae Seung Kim, the Executive Director of Maholra Company, has been acclaimed as “an outstanding dancer and emerging choreographer” whose work strives to “traverse and encompass modern and traditional dance.” Don’t miss the chance to experience this powerful yet delicate art form performed by the Korean masters themselves.

Gentleman is inspired by Hanryang-mu, a traditional Korean male dance performance. The original Korean title of the piece came from the Chinese character Ja (子), which represents a child spreading his arms, indicating “son.” In this piece, the choreographer portrays the life of a man who falls in love with a woman yet remains a son to his mother. Korean traditions are here transformed into modern choreography by analyzing the dancer’s movements and exploring experimental breathing rhythms. The result is a search for the essential aesthetic of Korean dance. This dance reveals the harmony of traditional instrumental melodies and movements created on the principle of jeong-jung-dong (stillness amid movement), that is embedded in traditional Korean culture.

Fridays at Noon at Night brings Harkness Dance Center’s signature Fridays at Noon mixed bill events—with performances contextualized by the artists—to new days and a new time.

12 pm performance is $15 in advance / $25 at the door

8 pm performance is $25 in advance / $35 at the door

Jae Seung Kim

Jae Seung Kim graduated from the School of Dance at the Korea National University of Arts in Seoul with bachelor’s and master’s degrees …

Maholra Company

Maholra Company derives its name from a Hebrew word meaning ‘people who dance before God’ …

Sin Ae Park

Sin Ae Park, guest curator, is an international producer and founder of Korea Dance Abroad …

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