Everything is Connected: Art and Conspiracy - 92Y, New York

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Everything is Connected: Art and Conspiracy

Doug Ecklund and Ian Alteveer

For the last 50 years, artists have explored the hidden operations of power and the symbiotic suspicion between the government and its citizens that haunts Western democracies.

Everything Is Connected: Art and Conspiracy, on display at The Met Breuer through January 6, 2019, is the first major exhibition to tackle this perennially provocative topic. It traces the simultaneous development of two kinds of art about conspiracy.

Curators Doug Ecklund and Ian Alteveer explore this art ranging from painting and sculpture to photography, video, and installation art, from 1969 to 2016, presenting an alternate history of postwar and contemporary art that is also an archaeology of our troubled times.

Douglas Eklund

Douglas Eklund, staff Curator for The Met, specializes in contemporary photography and variable media …

Ian Alteveer

Ian Alteveer, Aaron I. Fleischman Curator in the Moderna nd Contemporary Art department at The Met, is currently working on two exhibitions for The Met Breuer …

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