Douglas Dunn + Dancers – World Premiere - 92Y, New York

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Harkness Dance Festival

Douglas Dunn + Dancers – World Premiere

Douglas Dunn + Dancers – World Premiere

Celebrating its 25th season, the 92Y Harkness Dance Festival honors the Centenary of Merce Cunningham.

Douglas Dunn, a member of MCDC from 1969-1973, presents a world premiere with his company, Douglas Dunn + Dancers. Dunn’s choreography has been likened to ‘an explorer of the impossible,’ and is rooted in intuition and the moving body that reveals the organic formations of movement mixed with the playful and witty.

In the Harkness Dance Festival premier, Crag, performed by 10 dancers, couples are featured. Non-interactive partners are related by constantly shifting and reconfiguring variations in tempo, rhythm, and space. They recombine into new couples, each distinctive from the another; “it matters who dances with whom.” (Dunn) This is most apparent in the coupling of the stately Douglas Dunn and Grazia Della-Terza, who in age alone, contrast the much younger company. Dunn and Della-Terza, married in real-life, dance slowly and close to the body in counterpoint to the young couples who move big and fast. Andrew Jordan costumes the dancers in the earthen and rich colors of brown, gold, and red that are close-fitting and layered. Long-time collaborator, composer Steven Taylor, plays live.

Join us for the rest of the festival celebrating the Centenary of Merce Cunningham, March 1-30, 2019. Our opening weekend features choreography by Merce performed by New York Theatre Ballet, New World School of the Arts and Melissa Toogood with Calvin Royal III. The following four weekends feature four world premieres from four generations of Cunningham dancers who have established their own companies. In addition to Douglas Dunn + Dancers, we feature Dylan Crossman Dans(c)e, Jonah Bokaer Choreography, and Ellen Cornfied of Cornfield Dance.

Program is subject to change.

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