Dig Dance - Aileen Passloff, Stepping Forward: One foot (in front of the other) - 92Y, New York

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Dig Dance

Aileen Passloff, Stepping Forward: One foot (in front of the other)

Aileen Passloff and guest artists

Aileen Passloff, the noted choreographer, dancer, director, actor, and teacher, presents two world premieres: Frolic, a group dance to piano music by Erik Satie for four hands played by pianists Michael Cherry and Douglas Schultz, and Veni, a premier choreographed for Arthur Aviles and Andrew Chapman.

Passloff revives the 1978 He Dreams of Small Battles, dedicated to James Waring, includes James Waring’s Octandre (1958)and her own Nocturne for Bob (2002), Heads Together Whispering (2014), and the solos for Charlotte Hendrickson In the Window (2018), set to John Cage's Suite for Toy Piano, played live by Douglas Schultz and Yo (I Am), on the subject of speaking up for what one believes in, set to music by Brahms played live by Douglas Schultz. Screening of Marta Renzi’s Arthur and Aileen that features Arthur Aviles dancing Passloff’s First Dance, choreographed in the 1960s, and the newly acclaimed Renzi film, Her Magnum Opus featuring Passloff as the central character with early footage of Passloff dancing Remy Charlip’s April and December.

The program features:

Chelsea Ainsworth
Arthur Aviles
Louis Benkelman
Esme Boyce
Andrew Chapman
Remy Charlip
Michael Cherry
Asher Gelman
Mati Gelman
Charlotte Hendrickshon
Nic Petry
Liz Prince
Marta Renzi
Doug Schultz
James Waring
Pam Wess

Program is subject to change.

Aileen Passloff interview, The New York Times, January 8, 2019 by Gia Kourlas

Aileen Passloff

Aileen Passloff has danced as long as she can remember. She attended The School of American Ballet where she met James Waring …