Diane Keaton in Conversation with David Ebershoff - 92Y, New York

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Diane Keaton in Conversation with David Ebershoff

Diane Keaton

Beloved Academy Award-winning actress Diane Keaton joins us for a candid talk about her new book Brother and Sister: A Memoir, a poignant exploration of her relationship with her younger brother and the divergent paths siblings’ lives can take.

The follow up to Keaton’s New York Times bestselling memoir Then Again, Keaton’s new book finds the star of such landmark films as the Godfather trilogy, Annie Hall, Manhattan, Reds and others pulling the curtain further back on her early years to address their real time co-star, her brother Randy. How do siblings who start out in life as best friends, sharing stories in their bunk beds and laughing, end up a world away from each other’s lives? How does one of those children end up living life “on the other side of normal”? Join Keaton as she reflects on the special bond between siblings, even when they are pulled apart.

All tickets include a copy of the book.

Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton has starred in some of the most memorable films of the past 40 years, including the Godfather trilogy, Annie Hall, Manhattan, Reds, Baby Boom, The First Wives Club, and Something’s Gotta Give

David Ebershoff

David Ebershoff is the author of four books, including The Danish Girl and the #1 bestseller The 19th Wife

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