David Lebovitz and Deb Perelman in Conversation - 92Y, New York

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David Lebovitz and Deb Perelman in Conversation

Two world-renowned chefs and bloggers, David Lebovitz and Deb Perelman discuss their upcoming books, L’Appart: The Delights and Disasters of Making My Paris Home (Lebovitz) and Smitten Kitchen Every Day: Triumphant and Unfussy New Favorites (Perelman).

Lebovitz’s adventure renovating his Paris apartment serves as a launching point for stories about French culture, food, and what it means to revamp one’s life while Perelman shares real recipes for real people who want to enjoy cooking as an escape from everyday drudgery – where discoveries in the kitchen can change the course of your day and also produce a delicious meal.

A book signing follows the event.

David Lebovitz

David Lebovitz has been a professional cook and baker for most of his life; he spent nearly 13 years at Berkeley’s Chez Panisse until he left the restaurant business in 1999 to write books.

Deb Perelman

Deb Perelman is a self-taught home cook, photographer, and the creator of smittenkitchen.com.