David Brooks in Conversation with James Bennet: Election 2020 - 92Y, New York

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David Brooks in Conversation with James Bennet: Election 2020

David Brooks and James Bennett

New York Times columnist and bestselling author David Brooks is joined by James Bennet for a deep dive into the political and cultural landscape leading up to the 2020 Presidential election.

The end of Trump’s impeachment trial, the Iowa caucus fiasco, the rise of Michael Bloomberg in the polls and the fading of Joe Biden—Brooks and Bennet look behind the news breaks to offer fresh and unique perspectives on the future of the Democratic party. Why does an increasingly large chunk of Democratic voters see Bloomberg as their safest (and most electable) bet? Can Bernie unify the Democrats and beat Trump in November? What of the other candidates? Join these two expert analysts as they break down America’s hyper-partisan political divide as they explore who has the best chance of carrying the center.

David Brooks

David Brooks became an Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times in September 2003 …

James Bennet

James Bennet, the editorial page editor of The New York Times, is in charge of the paper’s opinion pages, both in the newspaper and online …

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