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Dating Success

Heidi Krantz

Are you a woman or man who desires greater dating success in your life? Are you ready to make changes that can lead to the loving relationship to which you aspire?

Join Heidi Krantz, relationship expert, as she provides you with the tools necessary to obtain and sustain a loving, healthy relationship. 

Participants can expect to learn components of the following: 

  • Effective confidence building techniques
  • Improved strategies of how to generate dates 
  • Custom design of exact "must haves" in a partner 
  • Improved communication skills for dating 
  • Successful internet dating profile building techniques
  • Sharpening judgment for improved choices of potential partners

Heidi Krantz

Heidi Krantz, OTR, PCC, CPC, ELI-MP is a Certified Professional Coach with specialties in dating, divorce and interpersonal communication …