Cultivating Green Space in Your Home - 92Y, New York

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Cultivating Green Space in Your Home

Summer Rayne Oakes
How to Make a Plant Love You

Most people think that the common potted plant is just a decorative object, but there's also a strong psychological benefit to taking care of plants as a path to mindfulness.

Join environmental scientist and author, Summer Rayne Oakes, as she discusses the known benefits of taking care of plants (lower blood pressure, lower stress, cleaner air) with a bigger, less obvious benefit: Taking care of plants makes you a more life-giving person. With over 1,000 live houseplants spanning over 500 species in her Brooklyn apartment, Summer Rayne shows how our chlorophyllous friends can serve as a gateway to a greater life.

Summer Rayne Oakes

Summer Rayne Oakes is an entrepreneur, author and model whose work centers on health, wellness and sustainability …