Creative Family Passover Seder - 92Y, New York

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Creative Family Passover Seder

Retell the story of Passover with singing, dancing, Dyenu conga-lines, pharaohs, art projects and more!

Caterer Russ Moss creates a delicious and locally sourced Kosher, nut-free meal, suited to adults and children. Vegetarian meals available upon request. Schmooze and celebrate with other families at 92Y’s joyful Passover extravaganza!

Passover dinner

Children under age 1: FREE
Children ages 1-2 years: $25 per person
Child: $55 per person
Adult: $75 per person

Family Passover Menu 2018

Seder Plate (shank bone, roasted egg, parsley, horseradish, salt water, chorused parsnip, lettuce)

Charoset with wine, apples and honey
Baked salmon with sweet tomato sauce and crispy matzo crumbs
Guacamole and vegetables with matzo crackers (for kids)

Dinner (family style)
Brisket cooked buttery soft, flavored with red wine, tomato, laurel and seasonal aromatics.
Matzo meal chicken nuggets with honey dipping sauce
Roasted butternut squash with honey and cinnamon
Spinach kugel with caramelized onion
Cucumber salad with red peppers and sweet onion

Honey cake soaked in honey orange syrup
Fresh fruit

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