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Can Physics Get Us Closer to the Truth?

Jim Al-Khalili and Janna Levin
Jim Al-Khalili and Janna Levin
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Quantum physicist, New York Times bestselling author, and BBC TV host Jim Al-Khalili and Columbia Professor of Physics and Astronomy Janna Levin offer a fascinating and illuminating look at the things in our world that only physics can explain.

Shining a light on the most profound insights revealed by modern physics, Al-Khalili and Levin invite you to understand how principles of physics can be applied to our everyday life in unimaginable ways and what this crucially important science tells us about the universe and the nature of reality itself. Physics is revealed as an intrepid human quest for ever more foundational principles that accurately explain the natural world and guided by core values such as honesty and doubt in the search for truth. In his latest book, The World According to Physics, Al-Khalili illustrates how the knowledge discovered by physics both empowers and humbles us..

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Jim Al-Khalili

Jim Al-Khalili OBE FRS is a theoretical physicist, author, and broadcaster. A professor of physics at the University of Surrey, he is one of Britain's best-known science communicators …

Janna Levin

Janna Levin is the Claire Tow Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Barnard College of Columbia University …

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