Bernard-Henri Lévy in Conversation with Thomas Kaplan—Never Again? A Discussion on Genocide, the Kurds, the Past, the Future - 92Y, New York

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Bernard-Henri Lévy in Conversation with Thomas Kaplan

Never Again? A Discussion on Genocide, the Kurds, the Past, the Future
Bernard-Henri Lévy and Thomas Kaplan

Amidst the backdrop of turmoil in Syria and the broader Middle East, the 92Y presents the co-founders of Justice for Kurds (JFK), Bernard-Henri Lévy and Thomas S. Kaplan, for an important conversation on Genocide ... past, present, and future.

Join these dynamic speakers as they honor the living memory of those lost to genocide and discuss how victims’ legacies can be perpetuated to new generations. With Turkey’s assault on the Syrian Kurds raising the spectre of ethnic cleansing, and Iran threatening to annihilate Israel, Kaplan and Lévy will cut to the most real and urgent questions: Is "Never Again” just a slogan or a genuine call to action; could genocide happen again, and where?

Bernard-Henri Lévy

Bernard-Henri Lévy is a French philosopher, filmmaker, activist and the author of over 30 books, including The Empire and the Five Kings (2019), …

Thomas Kaplan

Dr. Thomas S. Kaplan is an American investor, environmentalist and advocate for humanist values …

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