Bernard-Henri Lévy in Conversation with Simon Schama: America's Abdication and the Fate of the World - 92Y, New York

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Bernard-Henri Lévy in Conversation with with Simon Schama

America's Abdication and the Fate of the World
Bernard-Henri Lévy and Simon Schama
Bernard-Henri Lévy Photo Credit: Jean Christophe Marmara / Figarophoto

Is America in the process of retreating from its traditional world leadership role?

Bernard-Henri Lévy, one of the West’s leading intellectuals, takes an informed and provocative look at the state of world politics today, in conversation with historian and author Simon Schama. How are Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, and Sunni radical Islamism taking steps to assert power and influence? And what are the ramifications of the steps they are taking to undermine the liberal values that have been a hallmark of Western civilization? Join him for a clear-eyed look at the world stage, as he talks about his important new book, The Empire and the Five Kings: America's Abdication and the Fate of the World. Drawing upon lessons from history and the eternal touchstones of human culture, Lévy reveals the stakes facing the West as America retreats from its leadership role, a process that did not begin with Donald Trump's presidency and is not likely to end with him. The crisis is one whose roots can be found as far back as antiquity and whose resolution will require the West to find a new way forward if it—and its values—are to survive.

Bernard-Henri Lévy

Bernard-Henri Lévy is a philosopher, activist, filmmaker, and author of over thirty books including the forthcoming The Empire and the Five Kings, …

Sir Simon Schama

Sir Simon Schama, is University Professor of Art History and History at Columbia University, and contributing editor for the Financial Times

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