Behind the Music with Louis Rosen: The Musical Theater of Leonard Bernstein: Mass - 92Y, New York

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Behind the Music with Louis Rosen

The Musical Theater of Leonard Bernstein: Mass

A Year of Bernstein — A 100th-Birthday Celebration

Join us as we continue to celebrate Leonard Bernstein’s 100th Birthday with this year-long, twelve-lecture series exploring his extraordinary legacy as a composer of theater and concert music, conductor and teacher. This spring we focus on the musical theater of Leonard Bernstein.

Mass is the quintessential Leonard Bernstein score. Commissioned to honor the 1971 opening of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC, Mass is wildly and wonderfully eclectic, serious, spiritual, entertaining, profoundly felt, both of its time and ahead of its time, pointedly political and hugely ambitious, even at the risk of excess. With a text by Bernstein based on the Roman Catholic Mass, and additional lyrics and text by Stephen Schwartz, this musical theater score comes as close as any score can to capture Bernstein the artist in all of his thrilling, sometimes contradictory glory.


Louis Rosen

Composer, lyricist, author, performer, teacher—Louis Rosen has designed and taught the Music Appreciation/History and Music Theory curriculum for the 92Y’s School of Music for over 30 years.

Albums of Louis’ songs and compositions include Dream Suite: Songs in Jazz and Blues (The Langston Hughes Songs, 2016); Time Was (2013); The Ache of Possibility (2009); One Ounce of Truth: The Nikki Giovanni Songs (2008); South Side Stories (2006); and the upcoming Fall 2017 release of Dust to Dus ...