Bad with Money: Gaby Dunn in Conversation with Akilah Hughes - 92Y, New York

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Bad with Money: Gaby Dunn in Conversation with Akilah Hughes

Gabby Dunn and Akilah Hughes
Bad with Money

Gaby Dunn, “America’s deadbeat sweetheart” and host of podcast phenom Bad with Money, gives an engaging and empowering talk on “the imperfect art of getting your financial sh*t together.”

If you feel anxious, overwhelmed, ashamed, or alone when it comes to money, this event is for you. The #1 barrier to understanding money, says Gaby, is our inability to speak honestly about it. But that’s all about to end! Gaby reveals the legitimate, systemic reasons behind our feelings of helplessness when it comes to personal finance and gives solid advice on topics like insurance plans, buying a car, student loans, and credit cards, as outlined in her new book, Bad with Money. She’ll take your questions and give advice on how to make that #freelancelyfe work for you, navigate money while you date, and budget without becoming a Nobel-winning economist overnight.

A book signing follows the event.

Gaby Dunn

Gaby Dunn is a writer, journalist, YouTuber, actress, and comedian living in Los Angeles …

Akilah Hughes

Akilah Hughes is a writer, comedian, and YouTuber residing in Brooklyn, NY …